Hypertension- Maybe Your Blood’s too Thick

Medical Revolt


While watching the documentary Forks Over Knives I heard a physician explain that it was possible that a vegan diet may lower blood pressure by lowering the blood viscosity (thickness). He stated this in passing but to me it was earth-shaking. I have had thousands of patients with high blood pressure and am treating it on a daily basis. I have sat through countless lectures on hypertension and still to this day we do not really know what causes it. The leading explanations include increased sympathetic activity (think high adrenaline, anxiety), decrease kidney function with age, increased hormone called angiotensin II, or complex interaction of genetic factors. However all of these fail to really explain why obesity, inactivity and diet raise blood pressure.

When I heard that it could be the viscosity (thickness) of the blood I was overwhelmed by the simplicity of it. If the blood is thicker it…

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